Kaya Natin 'To

Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19

Public Policy

Providing unbiased, evidence-based point of views to influence policy addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Interventions

Scientific and multidisciplinary approach in providing guidance to health workers and government authorities.

Behavior Change

Responsive to the needs of different segments of the people we serve.

“We formed the HPAAC in order to unify the voices of the medical professionals with the goal of coming up with evidence-based proposals to beat COVID-19. We are a non-partisan and non-profit coalition with the belief that we can only win against this pandemic if we do this together.”

- Dr. Antonio Dans
Steering Committee
Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 

Unified Plan

Multidisciplinary evidence-based proposals to guide government policies.

Clinical Guidelines

COVID-19-related guidelines by HPAAC-member organizations

Technical Assistance

Partnerships for scientific interventions for public and private sectors