A Call for Safe and Transparent Use of COVID-19 Vaccines

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 HPAAC vaccine HPAAC statement HPAAC news

HPAAC statement on recent news on use of unauthorized vaccines by government officials

"The Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 (HPAAC), the alliance of more than 160 health professions organizations in the country, is alarmed that some Filipinos are receiving vaccines against COVID-19 that have not been registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In relation to this issue, there are three critical points of concern:

  1. In keeping with public safety, we strongly discourage the use of vaccines that are not yet approved by the Philippine FDA.
  2. Even if a vaccine is approved in other countries, its storage, transport, and distribution are complex procedures. Improper handling can damage vaccines and can render them useless. This is why distribution channels and processes need to be transparent and regulated.
  3. Because all vaccines against COVID-19 are in various stages of clinical trials and are not yet approved for commercial use, all information about use and their actual effects should be properly documented and monitored. Such surveillance is only possible with proper regulation and coordination with health authorities.

The success of any vaccination program is hinged on mutual trust between the public and institutions. We therefore urge our leaders and the general public to address these three concerns as we move forward together."